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The intent of this form is to get information from you about your specific situation. Every venue has it’s own special circumstances and we could not possibly lay down a fixed rate that will work across the board for every act and every venue.  This form gives you the opportunity to give us the basic detail as well as the special detail that will help us to formulate a win / win offer. This will in turn get you the best entertainment value.

When placing the actual Offer Amount keep in mind every offer will be read and responded to. Remember all of our artist make their living doing what they do and only serious offers will be considered for contract. Each offer will be evaluated based on the location of  your venue and how routing will influence the value. We have alternate pricing plans that we may respond with if we feel that there is a good opportunity for the artist.

The Form has many “Required” fields. These are all the necessary information that is common for every contract. The other fields are optional but will add better information that may influence the final offer.

We may have many offers for  an artist, for the same dates so be sure to consider the best offer you can to help us make the right decision for the artist.

How to fill in the Booking Offer FormBooking Offer Form
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